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Testimonials Simply enter your details below and we’ll contact you with a motor trade insurance quote from our panel of leading trade insurers. Motor Trade Property (Premises) Insurance allows you to consider such an unfortunate occurrence without breaking into a cold sweat. Under Age Business Partners Third Party Only: Business Partners are acceptable from age 21 and over. Having established an unrivaled track record of success and strategic partnerships with many of the leading insurers, Falcon is among the UK’s most respected motor trade insurance providers. But as a business owner you can’t get away from these and they are simply tasks that need to be done and done well. A motor trade business is likely to value the flexibility of such a policy, which could potentially cover all its employees, and all the vehicles they have to use in the course of their work. Once agreed, we can often secure terms on both third party and a comprehensive basis - giving you complete peace of mind that your motor trade business is protected at all times

We provide immediate cover once payment has been setup, or if you’ve paid in full if you prefer… Q. With cover provided for breakdown and recovery, transport to your home, destination of choice, or a garage for you and five passengers, emergency accommodation expenses, home start service, and breakdown cover for your caravan or trailer too, you can get fantastic protection without breaking the bank. Road risks cover can also be extended to provide demonstration cover which allows potential customers to test drive vehicles. Motor Traders can compare Motor Trade insurances quickly at any time of day using online comparison sites

Society of Motor Auctions (SMA)- a body that promotes the motor auction sector to both the industry as a whole and the general public. We are proud of the level of service we offer to our clients. A professional association (also called a professional body, professional organisation, or professional society) is a non-profit organisation seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest.This is not an exhaustive list and is not intended to suggest any approval of the bodies listed. If you cannot find an appropriate association or body please contact us and we will help source one. Please also read our definitions on the 'What does the jargon mean' page. For that reason, we recommend comparing the latest 3 months against the preceding 3 months and the same 3 months of the previous year, however we also recognise the importance to users of an early estimate of trade therefore we continue to produce a monthly estimate. "We have, so far, issued 16 separate updates this year. It is important to answer these question honestly. Who uses MTA? Busy motor traders who need to spend more time running their business and trading than they do keeping their accounts up-to-date. We do not show any external advertising

According to the statistical classification of economic activities in the EU (NACE Rev 1.1), this sector covers NACE Division 50, which is the wholesale, retail sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, as well as the retailing of automotive fuels and lubricants. If you aren’t sure whether you would benefit from a combined motor trade insurance policy, get more information of one of our experience account managers and find out if you need it! What types of vehicles can be covered on a motor trade insurance policy? At Insurance Revolution, we have policies to cover a wide range of vehicles, with anything from motorcycles to trucks, so we have most of the spectrum covered! If you need to know if we can find insurance for your vehicle, please let our account managers know what vehicle it is and we’ll do our best to find the right quote for you! What changes should I let my insurer know about? If you need to make any changes to your motor trade insurance policy, it is just the same as making any changes to any other type of motor insurance policy such as car or van. We also provide a separate analysis of oil because it is subject to erratic price fluctuations and therefore volume data is provided in metric tonnes as well as value (£ million). Motor Trade Insurance under 25 If you are under the age of 25, you could get a great deal on motor trade insurance with Q. 3

value - or at the f.o.b. Add or remove a trade plate from the MID Enter a Trade Plate in the Motor Insurance Database NEW - Mobile Applications for updating the Motor Insurance Database while on the move! We have mobile applications for Android, WebOs, Symbian and iPhone users Please call us on the numbers above if you have any questions.   These documents also detail MID obligations and advice on how policyholders can become and remain compliant

It is a general understanding that if someone is younger then they are more reckless and therefore more likely to have a claim on their motor trade insurance policy. These distortions may be particularly significant at the detailed level, i.e., for a detailed service category, or for trade flows by origin and destination. We work with a handful of insurance underwriters such as Tradewise and Tradex to get you the cheapest premiums

The results of this user engagement survey can be found on our website. Motor Trade Insurance, Road Risks and Public Liability The types of insurance you might consider include: Some types of insurance, such as third party motor insurance and employers liability, if you employ anyone, are a legal requirement. Looking for a Motor Trade Policy that covers your premises or traders working from home? Get a Traders insurance quote, apply online and save up to 50% off your existing premium. What about new ventures and new set up I may here you say, well these can all be covered to and we have considerable expertise to zoning in on the correct cover and we are pioneers of helping operations getting going and including additional business use with the car sellers policy.  (read more To obtain a low cost quote please call 0800 121 7401 / 01782 444923 Motor Trade Insurance Comparison Whether you are a part-time motor trader working from home or a franchised dealer, Compare Crazy has brought together the UK leading specialist in motor trade insurance in one easy to use site. The Secretariat included these flows in Mexico's exports and imports given their magnitude (ranging from 29 to 40 per cent of combined trade during the 1990-2000 period).    Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK's independent regulator of advertising across all media, including TV, Internet, sales promotions and direct marketing

We currently work with a large number of motor traders across the UK from used and new car dealers, MOT stations, mobile mechanics, car repairers and body shops. Brexit campaigners who are promoting the vast trade possibilities of the world beyond Europe’s boarders will have been down hearted to learn that demand fell by 37.5%, in China and 69.4% in Russia.  Conversely in Europe, the UK’s biggest car trading partner, demand increased for UK-built cars rose by 11.3% over the same period. The trade body said the market was falling - for the fourth month in a row - amid "growing uncertainty" over plans for Brexit. The UK motor trade industry can be accused of none of the above. With sales & service Indemnity the motor trader is indemnified for injury or accidental damage to any property due to the buying or selling of new or used vehicles, the sale or supply of products connected with the motor trade and the alteration, maintenance, inspection, repair, testing, servicing or cleaning of vehicles. Our team searches exhaustively to find you the right policy at the best possible price, safeguarding you and your business against any unforeseen circumstances

Remember, this insurance is required by law. Submitted my details one evening, got loads of calls the next day and sorted the insurance by the next afternoon. Because COMEXT is updated on a daily basis, data published on the website may differ from data stored in COMEXT in case of recent revisions. If anybody has this problem or has got round it then can you help me please. We have robust relationships with key insurance company providers which gives us the opportunity to fully review your insurance requirements and recommend the most appropriate insurance policy to meet the needs of you and your business

It is also at the forefront of developing new power-train and fuel efficiency technologies to meet the demands of EU emissions standards not to mention advances in driver-less cars. If you provide courtesy vehicles or own a recovery truck, these can also be included. If you’re under 25 and can afford to start off with road risks cover (insuring just your vehicles) and are willing to accept that you will not be able to drive performance vehicles, then you will most likely need the help of a specialist broker such as Bollington Motortrade to be offered a policy.  You will also need their advice on which vehicles you will be able to insure (and therefore buy and sell) and which vehicles you will not be allowed to drive under your motor trade insurance policy. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and our fast and efficient claims service, ensuring minimum disruption for you and your business when it matters most. Get Your Motor Trade Insurance Quote Please click on the Get Quote button and complete the form. CAP Development Director, Anthony Doherty, said: "CAP's collaboration with the SMMT on this important code link creates major opportunities for our customers and the SMMT's own members

Get a quote for your Motor Traders Insurance with Insurance 4 Traders - we compare the market, to help you find Cheaper Traders Insurance for your Motor Trade road risks or premises. Further quality analysis is then conducted at several stages of processing; this is detailed in a process map and quality assurance plan. The quotes you can receive from them are accurate, reasonable and full of options to help you attain the best coverage for your business and be able to stay within a price range that will work best for you
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